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Seven Letters Detailing the Prophetic Framework of the Return of Christ: Eye-gaping spiritual book for everyone.
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The author’s 2 previous books are now combined in this single reissue titled “Seven Letters Detailing the Prophetic Framework of the Return of Christ”

PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, March 28, 2022 / — Seven Letters Detailing the Prophetic Framework of the Return of Christ……And His Inspired Writings is the work of a student of prophecy that ended up being far more like a devotional and visionary effort calling out to God’s people to be ready! These seven snapshots began first on Israel’s return as a nation after almost 2,000 years of non-existence. Other areas of prophetic detail include the 70th Week of Daniel in Dan Ch 9, “When is the sign of thy coming” Jesus answers in Matthew 24 and what I deem as most critical but overlooked Romans Ch 11 a powerful reference to Zion the Deliverer.

Gregory A. Booker writes, with these key biblical chapters in mind, and calls them his ” Triangular View” and finds it supports the apocalyptic reality of the Book of Revelation. He uses this vision empowered by the Holy Spirit to forewarn and forearm Christians in their hope and faith in Christ. The author is so moved that he feels led to announce it to the people and even the masses. After the Seven Letters are introduced Mr. Booker closes with a more personal testimony he chooses to share and presents a collection of inspired writings that further supports Seven Letters. While it does not focus on teaching prophecy Gregory actually finds himself preaching a prophetic message in condensed form for the need to gain greater clarity in his boldness to sum the revelations up. These he calls an answered prayer.

It should be noted that these works were all written between 1990- 1995 approximately and are dated to prove their authenticity. The republishing effort was to correct some editing issues and include additional comments for clarity’s sake. As it was with the first edition, minimal changes have been made to maintain the spiritual nature of the work. These companion books are different in style, temperament/ character, and format yet complementary to each other almost in a divine sense.

Published by Book Vine Press, Gregory A Booker’s new book expresses openly and honestly a layman yearning to want to know the end times and avoid the unbelief that occurred when Christ first came. It got the author thinking about Truth versus Religion and how diametrically opposed they can and will be upon Christ’s return.

Through this book, the author reminds everyone that despite a world full of doubts and unbelief about the approaching Kingdom of Christ, the Church is admonished to be ready as the deliverance for both the Church and Israel the nation draws near.

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