About the Book

First & foremost this book is an enriching growth in the power of prophecy and is considered an inspirational writing which the author has chosen to share revealing a faith and a hope for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It reflects an intensive study in eschatology and consists of Seven Letters which revisit the biblical call of the Jewish regathering and restoration of Israel the nation in 1948. This event occurred after almost 2000 years of non-existence. Curious, I sought to know why and based on my own studies of God’s word was moved to write it down. It is clear to me that Israel rebirth is a key sign of the return of Christ. These are the seven letters:

1) The Necessity of the Return of God’s Chosen People
2) Prophecy is Alive and Well and Israel is the Key
3) The Paradox of the Seventieth Week of Daniel
4) Ten Horned Kingdom Led by the Anti-Christ
5) Who is Mystery Babylon?
6) Israel Promised Redemption & The Tribulation Saints
7) The Christ and His Glorious Appearance

These seven snapshots of key events and or perspectives reveal to me the reality of Christ’s coming Kingdom. It is felt that as a watchman, we must keep the Blessed Hope alive as we look for the earnest expectation to evangelize and revive the gospel as the soon coming King nears. I believe this book will help strengthen your faith and forewarn you to be forearmed in these troubling times as we grow in the prophetic knowledge of God. It is said by God “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. With the gift of prophecy we gain clarity and casting aside all doubt we stand firm in our faith empowered by the HolySpirit. The biblical term “end times” is the time for a new time for the saints in Christ and his eternal nature has been proven after 2000 years of his marvelous grace. It is all in the scripture and this book is dedicated to bringing these ancient biblical words from the past to show the power of God in declaring our future.

There is also the inclusion of “Inspired Writings” which has poetry, visions, prophetic utterance and personal testimonials of how Christ has impacted the life of the author. The articles reflect my personal journey in the walk of my faith.